Thorens TD-1600

Thorens - TD-1600


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A brand new manual two-speed turntable built on the basis of the rich experience of this Swiss brand, which has the right to be among the best manufacturers of turntables in their long history.

This model is based on the classic design of the legendary Thorens TD-160 with many improvements today. Quality aluminum plate 4.2Kg, innovation of synchronous motor, plate bearing and connector panel which offers both balanced XLR or unbalanced RCA interface for connecting MM and MC transmissions. There are also trimmers for speed adjustment in the rear panel.

The  chassis on the springs prevents oscillations, even when the plate starts.

Electronically controlled engine speed with 33 / 45RPM switching for maximum speed stability


The high-quality TP-92 arm with magnetic antiskating ensures dynamic performance.

The turntable is delivered without a portable, the mounting and setting of the turntable and we will make the portable for you free of charge, so that you can start playing immediately.

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 Dimensions: 454 x 180 x 369 mm

 Weight: 10.9Kg

 Color: Wood - Walnut
Dimensions454 x 180 x 369 mm