Various Artists Spectacular Sound Effects In Stereo

Various Artists - Spectacular Sound Effects In Stereo
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Rok vydání:1970
Katalog:844 026 PY
Stav desky:
VG+ použítá - mírné opotřebení
více ZDE


Vinyl, LP, Album, Stereo

A1 DC-8 Engines Starting Up 1:58
A2 DC-8 Taking Off 1:00
A3 Lockheed Electra II Taxi-ing 0:50
A4 Douglas DC-7 Flying Over 0:25
A5 Caravelle Landing 0:42
A6 Helicopter Landing 0:48
A7 Noises On The Tarmac 0:42
A8 Engineering Workshop 0:48
A9 Pneumatic Riveting-Hammer 0:18
A10 Circular Saw 0:38
A11 Pigs And Piglets 0:24
A12 Feeding Pigs And Piglets 0:28
A13 Cockerels And Hens 0:28
A14 Cackling Hens 0:33
A15 Breakers 0:45
A16 Children Playing On The Beach 0:45
A17 Children Playing 0:35
A18 Children In Indoor Swimming-pool 0:34
B1 8-Inch Gun 0:22
B2 Mortar (Firing) And Shell Bursting 0:45
B3 Machine-gun (.30) 0:32
B4 USI-gun 0:17
B5 Pistol 0:09
B6 Hand-grenades 0:21
B7 Centurion Tank (Passing) 0:34
B8 Tumult Of Modern War 0:47
B9 Slamming Of Cab-door; Truck Starting-up And Driving-off 0:19
B10 Volkswagen Taking A Bend And Skidding 0:08
B11 Volkswagen Starting Up 0:08
B12 Fire-brigade 0:30
B13 Ambulance 0:17
B14 Motor-cycle Starting-up And Driving-off 0:12
B15 Moped Starting-up And Driving-off 0:10
B16 Fiat Starting-up And Driving-off 0:12
B17 Two-Stroke Car Starting-up And Driving-off 0:22
B18 General Traffic 0:43
B19 Electric Train (Arrival And Departure) 1:20
B20 Express Passing 0:23
B21 Rolling Shutter - Opening And Closing 0:18
B22 Billiards 0:38
B23 In A Restaurant 0:36
B24 Buzz Of Audience In Hall 0:33
B25 Orchestra Tuning-up 0:34
B26 Birds In The Forest 0:50
B27 Bells 0:35

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