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Record Grading

Grading of vinyl records


For the evaluation of the state boards are used internationally known. "Grading". Interpretation of this evaluation may be in different subjects is slightly different, but the basic rules of the names remain the same.


"New" or "Mint" vinyl

The vinyl record in perfect condition, no signs of damage.Because not all new records are sealed in a plastic container, you can also find additional "Sealed" or "Mint Sealed" which means sealed - unopened.


"Near Mint" (NM) vinyl

Used vinyl record, but in perfect condition. Most retailers don´t use bigger ratings than this. No visible signs of damage, scratches or other defects. The surface of the plate is usually shiny and clean.


"Very Good Plus" (VG +) vinyl

Used vinyl record, showing signs of lightwear, with light scratches and abrasions possibly stains that have no significant effect on reproduction.


"Very Good" (VG) vinyl

Used vinyl record, with some signs of bigger wear, bolder scratches and abrasions possibly patches which may affect reproduction and noise, possibly a slight crackle in the record, but no skips.


"Good" (G) vinyl

Used vinyl record, showing signs of wearing out, scratches, stains and abrasions evident to the touch, which have effects on reproduction, noise and cracking on record. Although the majority of states that skips, sensitive portables with low downforce, it is apparent scratches at the touch finger quite likely. In this evaluation, you can also find variants of "G +" and "G".


"Poor" (P) vinyl

Used vinyl record, in poor condition with signs of great damage, damage and scratches possibly significant deformation of the disc. The quality of the recording is very low. Virtually except highly prized collectors' rarities that you want to have just because of the complete collection or catalog number does not cost these boards to buy or sell.