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Turntable and DJ Equipment maintenance

We provide professional maintenance, service and repair of audio equipment from the 60s and 90s.

We specialize in repairs of turntables, cassette players, recorders, walkmans and amplifiers.
Receipt and issue takes place directly in our store, information on the progress of repairs can be found below

or you can contact us by email at servis@phono.cz.



Opening hours :

Monday           13 - 19 h

Tuesday           13 - 19 h




Turntable repairs:

  • We will perform diagnostics on your device for a flat rate of CZK 390 andbased on it, we compile the final calculation and scope of work.
  • Due to the time-consuming nature of these repairs, the availability and prices of spare parts, we recommend itcustomers only repair devices of higher classes. For lower quality devices, the cost of repair can be easy exceed the value of the device.

  •   How does the order work?
  • You can bring the device to our store for receipt at any time during opening hours. Upon receipt of the orderwe consult with the customer on the nature and suitability of the repair, we create an order form and subsequently
  • We inform the customer about the completion of the repair. The order must be picked up within a maximum of 10 days from notification of its completion by email Then we charge a storage fee of 50.-CZK / day

    How long does the service take?
  • The actual service usually takes 1 to 8 weeks, depending on the availability of components.

     What are we repairing and what are we not?
  • We repair all devices from the period 1970-1990.
  • If the order cannot be repaired or you do not agree, you will pay only flat-rate diagnostics of the device CZK 390.
  • We do not repair devices before the year of manufacture 1970. 1960-1970 only some models.
  • Some devices cannot be repaired due to the unavailability of certain parts, integrated circuits, transistors, etc.
  • The provided warranty period for the work performed is 2 years.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to accept orders for potentially problematic or very difficult to repair devices,eg very heavily soiled, poorly constructed, damaged by unprofessional interventions, etc.
  • We do not repair these models below. We are able to change cartridge on those models, but other service is impossible due lack of some spare parts .
    • Tesla NZC130
    • Tesla NZC140,
    • Tesla MC400
    • Tesla MC600Q
    • Tesla 1037A Moderato
    • Tesla 1038A Duo
    • Tesla 1039A Dominant
    • Tesla-Supraphon šasi HC07 - HC14.20