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Turntable, Mixing Desks and other audio rentals



We do quality audio rentals for your party .


2x Technics 1210MK2 catridges not included 3.500.- Kč /day    
2x Ortofon DJ Concorde cartridges incl. styluses 1.500.- Kč /day   
 Dj Mixing Desk Pioneer DJM-500 nebo DJM-600 1.000.- Kč /day    
 Complete PA Dj System Bose Panaray IV with two speakers  7000.-Kč /day  
Dj booth speaker Mackie SRM350-V3   XLR.Jack 6,3, Cinch inputs

  500.- Kč/day



Prices excl. VAT 21%

Turntables and Mixing desk are in trasport cases.

For other components and long term rental request for individual offer.