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Dual 1009

Dual - 1009


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 The 4-speed fully automatic Dual 1009 turntable equipped with a Sumiko Rainier MM cartridge was produced between 1964-1969 and was a studio quality instrument for its time. The really heavy and precise platter guarantees stable speed with the possibility of tuning pitch functions. The removable headshell simplifies cleaning of the stylus and changing the transfer case.

The instrument has undergone a complete professional overhaul including the replacement of the pressure pulley.

Warranty 2 years and after-sales service .


Drive: four-pole, single-phase, induction motor

Turntable speeds: 78, 45, 33 1/3 and 16 2/3 rpm

Platter: 4lb, non-magnetic

Wow and flutter: less than 0.12%

Rumble: less than 38dB below signal level

Signal to noise ratio: less than 56dB below signal level

Tonearm: balanced on all three axes precision, friction-free suspension

Pick-up cartridge: tonearm will accept all cartridges with 1/2" mounting and weighing from 1-12g