Various Artists Hymns Of The Russian Orthodox Church

Various Artists - Hymns Of The Russian Orthodox Church


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3 × Vinyl, LP Box Set

A1 Bless The Lord, O My Soul, Psalm 103  
A2 Blessed Is The Man...  
A3 O Gladsome Radiance...  
A4 Lord, Now Lettest Thou...  
A5 Praise Ye The Name Of The Lord  
A6 My Soul Doth Magnify The Lord  
A7 The Great Doxology  
B1 Bless The Lord, O My Soul, Psalm 102  
B2 The Only-Begotten Son  
B3 In Thy Kingdom...  
B4 The Cherubimic Hymn  
B5 We Praise Thee...  
B6 Meet It Is, In Truth, To Bless Thee...  
B7 The Mother Of God  
B8 Many Years, Common Chant  
C1 Thy Nativity, O Christ Our God, A Hymn  
C2 Today A Virgin..., A Collect-Hymn  
C3 In The Waves Of The Sea  
C4 Christ Is Born, Irmosi Of The Canon  
C5 God Is With Us  
C6 Glory To God In The Highest, Concert No. 6  
D1 Lord, I Have Cried Unto Thee, Hear Me  
D2 In The Red Sea  
D3 It Is Wondrous Today  
D4 The Collect-Hymn To St. Sergius  
D5 O Holy Father Sergius  
D6 By The Waters Of Babylon  
D7 When... From The Cross  
D8 O Marvel Wonderful!  
D9 O Apostles... From The Ends Of The Earth  
D10 The Land Of Russia  
E1 Open To Me The Doors Of Repentance  
E2 A Helper And A Protector  
E3 O My Soul  
E4 Let My Prayer Be Set Forth...  
E5 Now The Powers Of Heaven  
E6 Behold, The Bridegroom Cometh At Midnight...  
E7 The Wise Thief  
F1 Arise, O God  
F2 Let All Mortal Flesh Hold Its Peace  
F3 O Come, Let Us Bless  
F4 Thy Resurrection, O Christ, Our Saviour  
F5 Christ Is Risen  
F6 The Day Of Resurrection  
F7 The Angel Cried...  
F8 Forestalling The Dawn  
F9 Let God Arise  

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