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Willie Nelson 20 Golden Hits

Willie Nelson - 20 Golden Hits
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Catalog:MA 11121183
Record grading:
VG+ used - slighty wear
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Vinyl, LP, Compilation

A1 Any Old Arms Won't Do 2:47
A2 Slow Down Old World 1:51
A3 Healing Hands Of Time 2:13
A4 And So Will You My Love 3:16
A5 Things To Remember 1:45
A6 One Step Beyond 2:00
A7 Undo The Wrong 2:57
A8 Home Is Where You're Happy 3:01
A9 Why Are You Picking On Me? 1:55
A10 I Hope So 2:35
B1 I Let My Mind Wonder 3:44
B2 December Days 2:32
B3 I Can't Find The Time 2:41
B4 I Didn't Sleep A Wink 2:11
B5 You Wouldn't Cross The Street To Say Goodbye 1:47
B6 Suffering In Silence 2:27
B7 I Feel Sorry For Him 2:19
B8 You'll Always Have Someone 2:56
B9 I Just Don't Understand 2:48
B10 Pages 1:57

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