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Beastie Boys Hip Hop Sampler

Beastie Boys - Hip Hop Sampler
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NEW without any damage
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2xLP, Unnofficial

Made in UK


A1 Sure Shot (Large Professor Remix Clean) 3:26
A2 Get It Together (Buck Wild Clean Remix) 4:13
A3 Shake Your Rump (LP Version Clean) 3:19
A4 Pass The Mic 4:16
A5 Hold It Now, Hit It 3:26
B1 Sure Shot (Nardone Mix Clean) 3:15
B2 The Skills To Pay The Bills 3:13
B3 Bodhisattva Vow (Long Version Clean) 4:16
B4 33% Good 3:53
B5 Root Down 3:22

C1 Sure Shot (European B-Boy Mix Clean) 2:58
C2 Paul Revere 3:41
C3 Do It 3:17
C4 Finger Lickin' Good 3:39
C5 Alright Hera This 3:07
D1 Sure Shot (LP Version Clean) 3:26
D2 So What'cha Want (Soul Assassin Remix Version) 4:05
D3 Flute Loop 1:55
D4 Shadrach 4:07
D5 Get It Together

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