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Various Artists Attack Is Now Suicide

Various Artists - Attack Is Now Suicide


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Catalog:AA 015
Record grading:
VG+ used - slighty wear
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A1 US.Distress Who Possesses You? 1:33
A2 Sic Boy Federation British Troops In Cyprus 1:12
A3 Vatican Commandos & Dusk Housewives On Valium 1:26
A4 O.H.M. Fjernsyn 2:24
A5 S.H.Draumur Bimbirimbirimbam 1:15
A6 Fear Itself Werewolf's Life 0:57
A7 I Deny Intolerance 2:24
A8 Dawn Of Liberty When You've Got The Choice 2:18
A9 Dresden 45 Dresden 45 3:23
A10 Extrem Korruption 2:25
A11 Collaps Don't Waste Your Time 1:37
B1 Rancid Decay Paralized 2:19
B2 Raped Teenagers Mor & Far 1:15
B3 Stikky Russia Nuked Themselves 1:58
B4 No Fraud Aggression 0:33
B5 Terveyskeskus Koyhat Kyykuyn 1:00
B6 Problem Children Breakfast Of Champions 1:15
B7 Asocial Call For Freedom 3:14
B8 Damage Ain't No Crime 2:07
B9 Subterranean Kids Gente 1:07
B10 Pin Prick Fuck S.A.C.E.M. 1:16
B11 Deviated Instinct Master Of All 2:12
B12 Afflict Can't Reach Me Now 3:23

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