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Floex Samorost 3 Soundtrack

Floex - Samorost 3 Soundtrack


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Label:Minority records
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Vinyl, LP, Album, Repress

A1 Samorost 3 Main Theme 7:56
A2 Going On An Adventure 4:02
A3 Mushroom Picker Dance 1:58
A4 Constructing The Toadstool Rocket 4:50
A5 Yellow Furry Mushroom Tune 2:09
B1 On The Roof Of The Yellow Psychedelic Mushroom 4:10
B2 Prenatal Hunters (Floex Revision) 5:37
B3 Taste Of Tea (Cosmic Version) 6:39
B4 Dry, Wooden And Windy 2:53
C1 Mandragora 4:12
C2 What Comes Next? 0:40
C3 Lianas 3:12
C4 Monkey Bath 3:34
C5 The Secret Room 3:55
C6 Volcanic Vent Planet Main Theme 2:48
C7 Little Devils' Tune 0:49
C8 II V 0 0:30
D1 Walk On The Volcano 2:53
D2 Drinking Spirits' Spirit 1:11
D3 Cave Of The Totems 3:46
D4 Robotic Knight Fight 3:07
D5 Monk Planet Main Theme 3:49
D6 The Celebration 3:01

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