Nelson Riddle The Great Gatsby

Nelson Riddle - The Great Gatsby
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Catalog:SPFA 7006
Label:Paramount Records
Record grading:
VG+ used - slighty wear
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Vinyl, LP, Gatefold

A1 What 'll I Do 2:38
A2 The Sheik Of Araby 3:34
A3 Tom And Myrtle 1:30
A4 Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue 1:09
A5 Jordan's Tango 2:01
A6 Who? 2:01
A7 I'm Gonna Charleston Back To Charleston 1:30
A A Long Time Ago 3:08
A9 Yes, Sir, That's My Baby 1:18
A10 We've Met Before 2:38
A11 Whispering 1:47
A12 Charleston 1:31
B1 It Had To Be You 2:15
B2 Daisy (What 'll I Do) 1:25
B3 When You And I Were Seventeen 2:36
B4 Myrtle's Dead 2:00
B5 Alice Blue Gown 1:12
B6 Daisy's Tango 1:48
B7 My Favorite Beau 3:20
B8 Kitten On The Keys 1:32
B9 Beale Street Blues 1:35
B10 The Ring 1:20
B11 Summer's Almost Over 2:27
B12 What 'll I Do/Ain't We Got Fun (Medley) 2:57

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