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Rega Planar 3 bílá

Rega - Planar 3 bílá
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Record grading:
NEW without any damage
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Discounted product from the exhibition including original packaging!

The Rega brand has been an English manufacturer of turntables and audio equipment since 1973. It has become famous thanks to the high-quality construction of turntable arms and innovations in the construction of turntables. Instead of bulky and heavy chassis, he prefers a construction made of lightweight modern materials in combination with glass plates and other materials. In addition, he also has his own handpieces manufactured for an optimally balanced combination of arm and handpiece. The devices are delivered in safe packaging and their installation can be done by anyone. Cartridge i mounted and already set it up.
The record player  is produced in three color variants, white gloss, red gloss, black gloss

The Rega Planar 3 is a cheaper variant of the P6 model. Equipped with the same R330 arm and this time with a single-layer glass plate. This turntable is not equipped with electronic control and speed switching, and the speed change must be done manually by flipping the strap.  You can buy electronic control  unit NEO PSU extra, turntable is already equiped with input.

The Rega Exact pickup will please you with its spatial presentation and very accurate reproduction. On high-quality recordings, you'll hear details and instruments that you missed on other devices in the past.

The record player is manual and for comfortable use and lift after playing the record, we recommend purchasing a tonearm lifter as well.
Come try and listen to the record player in our store, where we will be happy to advise you and explain everything, or even assemble the record player straight away.
On request, we can perform a complete installation at your home for a fee.

On request, we can perform a complete installation at your home for a fee.
Cartridge: Rega Extact MM system
Arm: RB 330
Fixed cable with metal RCA / Cinch connectors
Turntable dimensions: 448 x 120 x 365 mm
Turntable weight: 6 kg